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SHIRT DESIGNS FOR A STUDENT-CREATED POP-UP SHOP: 808080. The shirts are limited edition, with the bulk of them only being printed once to be available for the two-hour event. In the weeks leading up to our sale, I created, approved, and printed 12 designs, while also being in charge of my team's social media pages.



808080 is the space that we all inhabit, between past and future, fortune and tragedy.

IT IS AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and reclamation of the times that we live in: in which things seem bleak and uncertain, yet there is no choice but to keep going. 

808080 is a location of uncertainty between action and inaction, positivity and negativity, optimism and pessimism. 

808080 is about existing in the light, the dark, and navigating through the gray.

FEar Shirt

MY DESIGNS for the shop focus mostly on exploring the link between bitterness and misguided optimism. For me, these images represent a kind and sustainable ideologies, and how they are overwritten by the greed of the generations that came before us.

Oil Shirt
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