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Calendars are a Means to an End.

So in my last post, I raved a lot about my productivity based on the introduction of a more formal schedule. To its credit, it worked extremely well initially, and while its usefulness has waned since then, it still gave me a chance to deconstruct what exactly needs to get done before the show on June 1st.

So what happened? Well, once i hit a significant roadblock (reworking the movement to reset the root bone and combining it with a stamina mechanic) I had to take more time than I had outlined to solve my issues, which in turn shifted the whole calendar down the timeline.

(Above: AI Test Area)

(Textures not final)

Since the last post, I've done a couple of important things:

• Linked the currency system to the NPC interaction system

• Implemented item collection and sounds

• Built some assets

• Released a small-scale gameplay demo for play-testing

• Adjusted camera movement controls and various QOL movement issues

• Almost finished the AI system (with the exception of introducing the "Sound Items" into the discoverability )

• Created a crude "crouch mode"

• Drew up concept art for locations

• Started to build out the map

• Acquired materials for the physical exhibition show

To Do List for the next week and a half:

• Figure out cloth mechanics

• Implement sound mechanic into AI

• Model, model, model

• Texture, texture, texture

• Input NPC texts

• Finish building out levels

Stretch goals I will not have time to do before the show:/

• Actual dungeon/puzzle design

• Climbing/killing OverClaus characters

• Additional dungeons

• Extensive mouse control support for menu + items

Wish me luck!


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