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Drift Off!

To start off my BFA Project blog, I thought I would share some images of my process + and final designs for our group's brand.

Primary Logos + Icons

Our above two logos are the primary ones that we often use in our branding on social media and other related pieces. Also present is the custom font made for our brand (based on the first logo design) and icons created for featured highlights on our Instagram page.

Logo Development

Below are some other designs that we've approached in our development process. The two versions that are derivative of our main logos are my work, with the other three being a combination of Kyle Nelson's and my own.


Though we all loved the combination of the bright blue and off-white in our primary branding, the high-contrast in that scheme proves to be a little much for our online presence at times. Using less contrast online, we've tried to sidestep some of the compression issues that sites like Instagram and Twitter tend to have.

Original design sketches during the start of our process.


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