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For my first project in Game Art (ARTD410) of Winter term 2021, I was originally intending to make a small version of the larger game I'm creating for my thesis project. Though the coding in C# + rigging and animation blending that I got going works fine in itself, it had taken the majority of my work time to get going.

So, I thought that instead, I would try and plan out a rough draft in Bitsy HD! Pretty straight forward. In regards to the larger project, there's definitely a lot of issues design-wise that I ran into during this process that I had not previously given much thought, but will do going forward. I think this is a good jumping off point for everything else. Call this a rough draft.

The game itself is from the perspective of a newly-constructed robot elf, Lv.12. He works in a toy factory for the Claus', though his specific duties are yet to be assigned to him. Everyone else is working very hard.


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