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A Return to Form

So it's been about a month since the last blog update. I took a little time off to refresh my brain, and have been working steadily over the last couple of weeks to get all the final concepting work finished. Full plot lines fleshed out, item system planned, gameplay tweaks + expansion: it's a lot of work, but this time I have 8 weeks instead of roughly only 3.

My first real piece of change for the game in the weeks besides the concept stuff has been the implementation of an inventory screen-- which changes how the player looks and functions. Some examples below.

Essentially, there are two different item screens: modifications and inventory. Modifications improve/change certain aspects of the character model and their ability to do certain tasks (like seeing). These include Sound, Mobility, Energy, Sight, Costumes.

Inventory includes all the items that are usable to interact with the environment. Example below. (most usable items have not been modeled as of yet, and instead have placeholders).

The next few weeks post-inventory will be really busy and full of level-design and AI programming for NPC/Enemy characters. Cheers to that! More updates real soon.


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