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Shopping Plans!

Some tiny updates before I show off anything else:

For the winter BFA exhibition, "Invite Your Mom", that's happening very soon, I've realized I can't do the full breadth of stuff I had been planning for the game before I have to set up. So, I've sidestepped a little.

This pre-beta of the game shown off pretty soon will be a shopping simulator of sorts. Like in typical Zelda-fashion, there will be a general item shop nearby and as the player you have to save up money to afford any of their stock (examples below). The way you do that is through side-quests given to you by your fellow robot elves. The catch is: no one has much money, as none of the robots are paid for their work.

This plan requires a couple things: a fully fleshed-out dynamic dialogue system (which I have just recently finished implementing), some new animations, a new room + assets, and some UI elements for currency and dialogue window. Kind of a lot, but an amount of work that can realistically get done quickly.

Below is another newly implemented feature: highlighting NPCs and items when you're in their proximity. This is to indicate to the player that these elements are interact-able.

More updates very soon! Stay tuned!


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