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Why Didn't anyone tell me about Calendars?

I've been putting off writing a new blog post for a little while-- not because I haven't been doing anything but because I've felt like I haven't done enough to warrant a new post. But after being halfway done with my work today, I realized how much progress I've made just recently.

Since the last post, I've done a number of things:

• Finished the inventory screen

• Tied the modification items to actual gameplay changes

• Drew out a schematic of the level layout/design (complete with labels)

• Modeled the OverClaus enemy character and begun their animations

• Implemented a very bare-bones AI system

• Started trying to learn how to implement cloth physics

• Implemented an actually nice-looking fur shader

• Remodeled + Reorganized the dialogue box situation

• Implemented a first person view, complete with X-ray functionality

• Introduced a new system of camera blending in order to transition between a special NPC conversation view, POV view, and third-person view

• Transitioned the currency system from bits over to sleigh bells (name not final)

• Moved all my item scripts' to be dependent on static variables

• Made new normal maps

• Experimented with gradients for pitfall areas

Above are some screenshots of various pieces I mentioned. NPC camera, Item implementation, POV view, some new textures, and the inventory screen.

I can attribute a lot of my recent progress just to me writing things down, literally. Over the past few months if development, progress has been hot and cold. After drawing up a calendar with goals and deadlines, I've been much more productive. Being able to focus on just a handful of tasks a day rather than whatever I feel needs work on a whim is especially helpful.

This next week is also big for me. I'll be working more heavily on AI and Quest elements and will also be beginning the 3D construction of the game's levels in earnest. First, I'll be blocking everything out and later going back in to make everything look pretty. Most of the making-pretty work is another couple of weeks out, but there's opportunity for a good chunk of it very soon.


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