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Your Mom: Invited

Over the past week, I've put an an excruciating amount of time pulling together a workable beta of the game f or Drift Off's winter BFA exhibition show, "Invite Your Mom" (which is live today).

Like I said in the last post, this is a shopping simulator of sorts. There's general item shop nearby and the player has to save up money to afford any of their items. Different than my earlier plan for it however, I wasn't able to get a working union of the currency system and dialogue system, nor did I have time to script individual quests. Instead, I ended up scattering money around the large first room. To buy anything in the shop, you've gotta collect almost all of the money (or bits, like the NPC's call it).

The vast majority of my work so far has been in building out assets and scripting events for the shop-- so that it can operate smoothly. Though the code is a little messy, it's completely, 100% my own, with no reference to other material. Because of that, I've learned a ton of C# in a very short amount of time.

For future versions of the project, things will go a lot smoother, seeing as how I have much more knowledge of the code itself now. For now, enjoy what I was able to get done in a week.


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