Group Mural

IN LATE 2017, I was hired to design a nine-foot tall vinyl mural for the break room of a local Regal Cinemas. Each room is a faithful, isometric, vector recreation of the space based on hundreds of photographs. This mural does not include the actual auditoriums, but everything adjacent.


THE SUPPORT ROOM is one of the most important internal parts of the theater. Here, popcorn was scattered across the floor, surrounding soda bibs, prep stations, food stocks, and employees just trying to clock out for the day. Through much wear and tear, it's earned up to its name.


SECOND UP ARE THE BATHROOMS. These were not only all covered in various sizes of tile, but also somehow very specific about its placement. The women's bathroom was referenced through a female employee.

NEXT UP, THE BREAK ROOM, which also doubled as the ice room and the entrance to the theater's projectors. It's here where many employees burned their tongues on microwavable mac and cheese that was not left to cool down enough. Cleaning happened daily, yet the room was always dirty.

Break Room
Support Room

FIRST UP, THE SMALLEST OF THE ROOMS, THE MOP CLOSET. This is where the Ushers would keep all their work gear (flashlights, clipboard, brooms, etc.) during shifts. It was also nicely situated in the middle of men's bathroom. The sound deterred most

employees from spending too much time in it.

Lobby, Box Office
Sprinkler Room

LASTLY, THE LONELY SPRINKLER ROOM in the back of the theater. This is where all the trash from throughout the day is thrown until some poor soul has to take it out to the compactor during his/her closing shift. Why it's called the Sprinkler Room is unclear.

THE LOBBY, MANAGER'S OFFICE, AND BOX OFFICE were all so close together that it was difficult to rationalize their separation in the design. Oddly, despite being the most public of all of the illustration's rooms, the lobby was the most difficult to get right.